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ReaQta-Hive is an AI-powered Autonomous Detection & Response platform that rapidly contextualizes, detects, responds and protects organizations from even the most advanced endpoint threats — including zero-day threats, in-memory malware and ransomware. Equipped with proprietary NanoOS technology™, ReaQta-Hive offers unprecedented visibility at the hypervisor level while remaining tamper-free and invisible to attackers.

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ReaQta Threat Intel: BlackMatter, a new Ransomware-as-a-Service

Following the recent trend in ransomware affiliates, such as LockBit2.0, BlackMatter has emerged as the latest ransomware-as-service (RaaS). BlackMatter announced in an interview that “incorporated in itself the best features of DarkSide, REvil, and LockBit”. Learn more in our article below.  

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